We offer modern and the most environmentally friendly solution for the management of decommissioned computer hard drives using robotic disassembly – demanufacturing therefore we guarantee:
100% guarantee of data destruction together with their carriers
100% recovery of raw materials from disks
100% use of energy from renewable energy sources (RES)
The management of hard drives in the most environmentally friendly way and the implementation of the Circular Economy (CE)!

Hard Disk Drives

the global problem of the modern world

HDD hard drives are an inseparable element of civilization development, resulting from the digitization of today’s world. The amount of recorded and stored data grows every year, driving the demand for new media.
The production of hard drives in 2010 was over 600 million units, and in 2020 over 260 million. In the next 5-10 years, there will still be no alternatives for them, and HDDs will be used. The lifetime of the hard disk is 3-7 years, which means that they must be cyclically replaced.
About 200,000 tons of raw materials are used for the production of disks per year, which include aluminum, copper, steel and others, including elements from the group of the so-called rare earths (magnets).
So far, the raw materials from recycled disks are largely lost as a result of inappropriate waste management processes (e.g. grinding).
That is why we have developed a new dedicated HDD recycling technology, enabling the management of discontinued hard drives in an environmentally friendly way and fully implementing the principle of the Circular Economy (CE) and reducing the carbon footprint of this process!

niszczenie dysków twardych
utylizacja dysków twardych

Our solution

is modern recycling

Our solution is a modern robotic recycling of hard disk drives. The technology completely eliminates the environmental impact of managing hard drives! Now computer hard drives can be recycled in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Instead of shredding, we disassemble and segregate their parts, which is the most economical, 100% efficient method of managing HDDs and recovering raw materials from them. Moreover, robotic disassembly is carried out with the use of energy from renewable energy sources (RES, our photovoltaics) and with minimal human participation, through the use of robotics and advanced automation systems. Our solution provides the certificate of origin according to Chain of Custody (CoC) for the recycled materials from managed hard drives. In this way, the recovery of raw materials is certified and it is possible to issue a certificate confirming the management of raw materials from each disassembled hard drive.


all pure metals

We recover all raw materials from hard drives and we segregate them into: aluminum, steel, copper, magnets, electronics and others.



We offer:

1.Environmentally friendly, emission-free and safe destruction of data together with their carriers in the robotic disassembly technology. The most environmentally friendly and efficient raw materials recovery solution!

  • Deliver to us Your computer hard drives and we will destroy the data on them cheaper than any competitor! You will receive certificate confirming their destruction in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Special offer! If You have over 10 kg of HDD hard drives, we will collect them by courier at our own expense! (offer limited to Poland territory)
  • Certified data destruction and certified recovery of raw materials from disks for companies and institutions priced individually. Please feel free to contact us.

2.Construction and delivery of complete technological lines for the recycling of hard drives and recovery of raw materials from them in environmentally friendly zero-emission robotic disassembly technology – demanufacturing.

3.We are open to other types of cooperation in the development of discontinued hard drives.

We are looking to establish long-term cooperation in the management of discontinued hard drives and the re-use of raw materials recovered from discs. 

niszczenie dysków twardych warszawa
zrobotyzowany recykling


for You and the environment

Our certified and modern management of hard drives are:

  • 100% guarantee that the data from the disks will be safely and irretrievably destroyed
  • 100% emission-free management of discontinued hard drives
  • 100% recovery of raw materials from hard drives, protection of natural resources and implementation of a Circular Economy (CE)
  • 100% renewable energy (RES) use in the recycling of hard drives
  • the most environmentally friendly way for the management of discontinued hard drives
  • the lowest environmental impact of hard drive recycling among all solutions
  • the most energy-efficient hard drive recycling solution
  • highest recovery of raw materials among all hard drive recycling solutions

Working with us means benefits for you!

  • certificate of irretrievable destruction of data and delivered disks,
  • certificate of the recovery of raw materials from the delivered disks,
  • certificate of the use of renewable energy in the process of data destruction and recovery of raw materials from disks,
  • certificate of carbon footprint reduction through environmentally friendly and dedicated best disk management technology.
  • confidence that your disks will not end up in landfill or in third world countries.

About company

Phoenix Surowce Sp. z o.o. was established in 2015, but our experience is much greater and guarantees the highest quality of services.
We specialize in the design and construction of machines: from idea through concept, calculations, modeling, technological and technical design, execution, assembly and commissioning at the customer’s site.
We provide long-term service, support and further product development.
We are very flexible in the implementation of orders and projects, offering solutions that are always tailored to the real needs of users.

We provide machines and solutions in the field of high technologies, including: automated workstations integrated with IT systems, plasma and vacuum technologies, separators for the recovery of raw materials, as well as other machines that automate the daily activities of employees.
We are waiting for your contact to start our cooperation!