Our solution – modern recycling

Our solution is the modern recycling of hard disk drives – HDDs.

A true closed-loop economy (CE Circular Economy) technology that effectively recovers raw materials for re-use, with the lowest environmental impact!

Our solution is the modern robotic recycling of hard drives “The Discobot”. Technology that completely eliminates the environmental impact of managing hard drives! The solution that guarantees:

    • 100% recovery of all clean raw materials
    • 100% security and irretrievable data destruction
    • 100% use of energy from renewable sources
  • lowest environmental impact of the HDDs management 

Computer HDDs can finally be recycled in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. Instead of shredding, due to our solution, they are disassembled and segregated (demanufacturing), which is the most economical and 100% efficient method of managing these devices. Moreover, robotic disassembly is carried out with the use of energy from renewable energy sources (RES – Photovoltaics) and with minimal human participation, through the use of robots and advanced automation systems.

In our process, hard drives are disassembled into individual components, from which they were manufactured, using advanced automation systems and robots installed in our machine. The machine automatically unscrews the screwed connections and disassembles individual components, segregating them into separate raw materials such as: aluminum, steel, copper, electronics, plates, magnets, motors, etc. The most important of them, the plates, which are data carriers, are melted down after their disassembly, in an electric furnace into the form of aluminum granules, they are reused as pure raw material! Only the method of melting of the plates gives 100% certainty and a guarantee of irreversible destruction of the data contained on the HDDs.

Our solution provides the certificate of origin according to Chain of Custody (CoC) for the recycled materials from managed hard drives. In this way, the recovery of raw materials is certified and it is possible to issue a certificate confirming the management of raw materials from each disassembled hard drive.

By using our services, you benefit:

  • Certificate of data and device destruction
  • Certificate of raw materials recovery
  • Certificate of emission reduction in relation to other management methods

In this way, your company carries out the pro-ecological activities and makes a measurable contribution to environmental and climate protection.

We invite you to cooperate and provide us with your hard drives for ecological and safe management. You can be sure that your disks will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner and your data will be irretrievably destroyed.